Some of the stuff you should know about

Like all other mobile phone repair companies we have a term and condition. Please read the information below.

Some liquid damaged phones or physical damaged phones e.g. cracked screens appear to be working; this is due to corrosion or components within the Integrated Circuits (ICs) shorting together allowing an electrical current to run. This allows the phone to switch on, however it can sometimes be a short circuit, and when the technician works on the phone to change parts, cleans and flushes the phone it removes the short circuit, and may result in the phone no longer powering up.

It is one of the most common problems that can occur when repairing water damaged phones or physical damaged phones. Sometimes just attempting to repair the phone CAN TERMINATE IT, this is due to internal corrosion, internal fault short circuit or dry joints and not a procedural fault. We do not provide any sort of guarantee following a liquid damage phone. Mobile phone manufacturers WILL NOT touch a liquid damaged phone because of the failure rates in repair and some do not provide any forms of guarantee after a mobile phone repair is done by them. Nobody can guarantee how long a water/ fluid damage phone will last following the repairs.

We are a company that has repaired thousands of damage phones successfully. Our success rate for physically damaged phones are 99.7%. If your damage phone fails during the repairmen process. We cannot be held responsible for what happens when we take part in repairing damaged phones.

We cannot be held liable for any hardware/software failures undertaken. Although we do not know what has happened to a phone prior to submission, we regret to inform customer that we hold no liability problems outside the repaired job done. We only hold responsibility relating to the repaired job carried out e.g. customer cannot blame us for a physical damage phone, unknown liquid damage phones or any unknown software issues that are caused unexpectedly by the customer – we are only liable for the parts and repair job completed.

Sending in your phone for repairs or on site phone repairs

It is the customer responsibility to back up all there data . We shall not be made liable for any data lost whilst attempting to repair your physically damaged phone or liquid damage phone.

Before sending in your phone for repair it is your responsibility not to send in your SIM card or memory card together with the phone. We shall not be made liable for lost of SIM cards or memory cards or data lost on them. So always make sure that if our technician can’t carry out the mobile phone repair on site and needs to bring in your phone for repairs in our workshop please remove your SIM card and memory card too. We shall not be made liable for any lost of SIM card or memory card.