Been here a few times now due to clumsyness, Mohammed knows exactly what hes doing and advises on options that is not always the most expensive. Will highly recommend!


This service is first class. This business truly puts the customer first, a real find these days! May repairs were quick and extremely reasonably priced. I would never go anywhere else again and would recommend anyone to use them.


Excellent customer service, very helpful, and friendly; fixed on time and at good rate, would definitely recommend and go again


Absolutely fantastic service. Fixed water damaged phone whilst i waited. Mohammed Hannan was very knowledgeable and professional. I would not hesitate to use this company again.


The owner was extremely helpful and compared the other shops prices were reasonable. Highly recommended.


I had a iPhone 6 with an old battery , a cracked screen and a quiet ear piece . I went into the shop and half an hour later I left with a completely working phone that looked brand new . All done at a very reasonable price using good quality components . I’m very…


My phone was literally broke and I lost all of my hopes because the screen, LCD, camera and touch was all broke but the guy gave another life to my phone. very very satisfied.

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